imarvintpa (imarvintpa) wrote,

D&D Database.

As a few may know, I have a D&D database of sorts at

I've been contemplating adding a character tracker for some time. I've also been trying to get Class data added.

I've stumbled a bit on the Class portion, mostly by spell casting. However, my paper prototyping of how to work with Characters may have helped me decide what to do.

Which leads me to my real question:

  1. Do I let anybody sign into my site and edit anything?

  2. Do I create a clone of my site and remove all the non OGL things and let anybody sign in and edit anything (If I do, it'll be at ../dndwild/)?

  3. Do I let anybody sign in, but only let them edit characters and spell books?

The programming work between the choices is nearly identical. On the wild clone, purging the database of the NON-OGL things would be sad and time-consuming. And it wouldn't really prevent anybody from adding it back in.

Long-term, the character tracker would calculate most things. Initially, you'd have to manually enter almost all the numbers or modify with special bonuses.

The inventory tracker would also be fairly interesting.

Check out to see an example of what I would want it to generate. I would add in support for additional character sheet outputs over time. (Money and a template would speed those up.)

I have my preference, but I'll keep it to myself until later.

Tags: d&d

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